This One's for the Torn Down; the Experts at the Fall

In the 1940’s, Belvedere was briefly used as a holding base for prisoners of war, located on an island just off the coast of England. However, after the war ended, it was reestablished as an institution for the clinically, medically and criminally insane. Founded by a wealthy member of British Parliament, it was built with no cost restriction and quickly became a state of the art facility. But despite the picture perfect image that is portrayed to the outside world, inside the walls of the Belvedere Institute, the patients tell a very different story…

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Founded March 14th 2012

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institution for the clinically insane

Jade Holloway | Twenty ; Hypersexuality Disorder & Impulse Control Disorder

Sexually abused by her step-father between the ages of five and seven, Jade began to develop warped views of appropriate behavior and expressive sexuality. Even in elementary and middle school, before she really understood what any of it meant, she’d be sent home from school or to the office several times a month for lewd behavior such as kissing and touching other boys and girls in her class.

When she was 13 and just starting grade eight, she coerced a seventh grader into taking her virginity. He’d been shy and naive and though he’d nervously declined at first, Jade had been persuasive and took advantage of his vulnerability. By the time she’d finished that year and graduated from middle school, she’d slept with thirteen students—or so she accounts.

High school was where things got worse. As a freshman, she frequently came on to both professors and students, was sent home many times for dressing too provocatively and had been caught sleeping with seniors in the bathrooms and janitor’s closets more times than she or anyone else could count. In tenth grade she failed six out of eight of her classes, mostly due to just never showing up, and was forced to repeat the year.

Her behavior had always been a concern for her family. Despite the fact that her mother left Jade’s step-father when her daughter turned eight, (though she never truly knew about the abuse, she had her suspicions,) Ms. Holloway found it very trying to control Jade’s habits and urges. The damage, by then, had already been done. She’d hired therapist after therapist, even trying family therapy including Jade’s younger brother Theo, but all it ever succeeded in doing was demolishing their savings accounts. It wasn’t until Jade finally graduated high school at 19 and spent the next year losing job after job for sexual harassment complaints, that Ms. Holloway figured enough was enough, and used the last of their savings to send Jade overseas to Belvedere. She loved her daughter very much and wanted nothing more than to see her rehabilitated—if it were even possible.

The unfortunate thing is, Jade is a bright girl. She could have excelled in her classes had she applied herself, and her confidence and wild sense of humor (though a little twisted) has always been rather contagious. Boisterous and outgoing, most people are drawn to her upon first impression, but fade away quickly once the severity of her problems becomes apparent.

Jade has just moved into her room at Belvedere and has been situated onto Level Two—for the sole reason of staff wanting to eliminate the factor controlling her dress. Having the advantage of knowing of her condition, most nurses avoid her as much as possible. This frustrates Jade, as she hates being alone and consistently finds herself in a need for attention. You will often find her traipsing the halls looking for something to do—or rather, someone to do.

Jade is also HIV positive.

Level — Two; TAKEN